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I am trying to run “Kinect. NET Wrapper Test” and I get this DllNotFoundException:

Unable to load DLL 'freenect': The specified module could not be found. (Exception from HRESULT: 0x8007007E)

In KinectNative.freenect_init in:

/// <summary> /// Initializes the freenect context /// </summary> private static void InitializeContext() { int result = KinectNative.freenect_init(ref KinectNative.freenectContext, IntPtr.Zero); if(result != 0) { throw new Exception("Could not initialize freenect context. Error Code:" + result); }

// Set callbacks for logging KinectNative.freenect_set_log_callback(KinectNative.freenectContext, LogCallback); }



I am using: - MS Visual C# 2010 - Windows XP

I installed OpenNI and PrimeSence NITE + Sensor

I have put “freenect.dll” and “freenectdotnet.dll” in the same directory as “ConsoleTest.exe” in:

\OpenKinect-libfreenect - ConsoleTest\bin\debug

Could you help?

Thank you