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Works in OpenKinect -group

Other information

Personal info:

  • Born at 1977 in Pori, Finland.
  • Lives and works as an freelance artist in Helsinki.
  • Member of Pori Society of Artists.


  • Fine Art, Art School Maa. Helsinki, 2005-09.
  • Fine Art, exchange student, Academy of Fine Arts. Poznań, Poland, 2008.
  • Basics of chinese medicine, Baihui society. Helsinki, 2003‒04.
  • Graphic design studies, ‘Varsinais-Suomen kansanopisto’. Paimio, 2001‒02.
  • Product design and development studies, Häme Polytechnic, 1999‒01.
  • Restaurant cook, Hotel and restaurant school. Pori, 1994‒97.

Fine art exhibitions:

  • Colours of Skin ‒ exhibition of transgender images, Tampere: Pispala Contemporary Art Center, 2010.
  • Play ‒ self images in male and female body, Drawings in group exhibition Play, Helsinki: Gallery Maa-tila, 2009.
  • Transcendentalization, Print works in Biennale Mediations, Gallery Arsenal, Poland, 2008.
  • I am Hungry, Performance in exhibition Partycypacja. Poznań: Gallery Modena, 2008.
  • Pussy Rally, video installation, Marry the Bear ‒ Finnish art Preview. Poznań: Gallery ON, 2008.
  • Clean Loop, Video with Tobias Winterhagen, Group exhibition ‘Art Must Be Beautiful...’, Poznań: Gallery Słodownia, 2008.
  • Life do us apart, interactive video installation. Group art work; Inka Jurvanen, Ilpo Jääskeläinen, Aiko Waegelein. Helsinki & Tallinn: Gallery Maa-Tila, Ahne-art festival. 2007.
  • Married for Prison, performance. Helsinki: Gallery Majakka, 2007.
  • Sorrow, performance. La-Bás. Helsinki: Gallery Maa-Tila, 2006.
  • Fucking Men, drawing in exhibition 'on kurja syntyä', Helsinki: Gallery Maa-Tila, 2006.
  • Man and Horse, acrylic on paper in exhibition 'Seksiä ja muuta sisustustaidetta’. Helsinki: Gallery Augusta, 2006.
  • War and Love, performance, Art School Maa performance evening. Helsinki:Gallery Maa-Tila, 2005.

Other works:

  • Actor in short film Invisible Forces, Helsinki, 2010.
  • Curator in exhibition Marry the Bear - Finnish Art Preview in Poland. Susi Waegelein, Krzysztof Łukomski, Agata Rogoú. Poznan: Gallery ON & Gallery Enter, 2008.
  • Keeping my house clean, Music video for Hail Chant. Helsinki, 2006
  • Changemakers, documentary film of development aid in Finland. Helsinki, 2005.
  • Assistant crew in several short films, Turku: Art Academy 2004‒05.