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Hey I running NetBeans 6.9 on Ubuntu 10.10 x64

I added the jar to the library/class path, but I get a runtime error

//================================= package king.kinect;

public class Main { public static void main( final String[] args ) { if( NativeKinect.init() ) { int[] buf = NativeKinect.getVideo();

System.out.println( buf.length );

System.out.println( "All good" ); } } } //==========================

Exception in thread "main" java.lang.UnsatisfiedLinkError: no kinect in java.library.path

       at java.lang.ClassLoader.loadLibrary(
       at java.lang.Runtime.loadLibrary0(
       at java.lang.System.loadLibrary(
       at king.kinect.NativeKinect.<clinit>(
       at king.kinect.Main.main(

Java Result: 1