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Anyone may make contributions to OpenKinect. There are several ways that community members can contribute:

Test the software and report bugs

If you find any bugs in the main repository code, submit them here:

Assist with administrative tasks

At times the project lead may ask for help with managing the project and delegate tasks to trusted community members. This may include maintaining the website, mailing list, or forum, doing PR or other communications, or support activities for developers.

Answer questions and help new members

As the community grows and the software is used by more people, there will be an increasing number of questions. The only way to scale is for experienced community members to help answer questions and get new users up to speed. You can do this even if you are not a coder.

Assembling and maintaining FAQs will also be critical.

Experienced contributors need to help get new contributors up to speed.

Brainstorm new ways to use Kinect

You guys are the experts. Discuss and tell us how you want to use Kinect.

Collaborate on processing algorithms

There are many academics on the mailing list. You guys can work together to help us figure out how to do amazing things with the raw data.

Spread the word

Once we have some usable code, we can use your help spreading the word to your friends, colleagues, and online communities.

Write or edit documentation

Even a carefully designed software architecture is useless without documentation. We need people to help write documentation on how to use the software, how the different features work, background information about Kinect, and primers on concepts behind advanced scenarios that Kinect enables.

We also need people willing to help document USB protocol and other information that we learn about Kinect.

Editing, reorganizing draft documentation and translating core pages of the wiki would also be helpful.

Contribute code

Finally, of course, there is contributing code. The contribution could be something minor such as a bug fix for an outstanding issue or could be adding whole new features and functionality. If you have the skills, consider helping to build out features that you are personally interested in.

Please see Contributing Code.