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This page documents the major efforts within the OpenKinect project and who the coordinator is for each effort. The purpose of this is to coordinate people with similar interests and reduce or eliminate redundant efforts. If you are interested in the status of an effort or contributing of an effort, contact the designated coordinator.

Coordinators and participants

You can add your name as a participant in an effort if you are actively working on code or have previously contributed to the effort. If you are no longer active but still wish to be listed, your name may be moved to a "Past participants" list within the effort. The coordinator is assumed to be an active participant and does not need to be listed twice.

The coordinator is often, but not always, the person with the most technical experience or the person who contributes the most to an effort. More important than those factors are that the coordinator is reliable, keeps up-to-date with what is going, and responds to communication (mailing list, IRC, direct email, or other chat program). New contributors check this page and contact the coordinator for the effort he or she is interested in. Coordinators need to help new contributors get up to speed on where they can help.

If there is not already a coordinator listed for something you're interested in, please ask around on IRC and the mailing list to see if anyone else is working on the same thing. The people working on an effort should agree upon a single coordinator and then update this page. If no agreement can be made, contact Josh Blake and he'll work something out.

Page conventions

Names should be real name with pseudonym in parenthesis. Contact information and links for a name should be placed in a linked user page. For example, JoshB's info is located at and the link would look like [[User:JoshB|JoshB]]

Project lead

Joshua Blake (JoshB) is the OpenKinect community founder and project lead. He is the coordinator of coordinators and tries to build consensus among the community. In the event of conflict or lack of consensus, he has final say.



This includes mailing list and PR efforts such as twitter and blogs.


Active participants:

  • Seth Sandler (cerupcat), assists with Google Group mailing list apps
  • Nink, primarily runs @openkinect on twitter


Maintainers have commit access to the official repositories and integrate pull requests and patches. This access is only used for integration and maintainers still follow the standard fork/pull request model for bug fixes or new feature development they work on.


  • Kyle Machulis (qDot)

Active participants:

  • Hector Martin (marcan)
  • Joshua Blake (JoshB)


libfreenect is the driver and API project that includes all code that communicates directly with the hardware for Windows, Linux, and OS X. The repository is located at


  • Hector Martin (marcan)

Active participants:

  • Arne Bernin - debian/ubuntu packaging
  • Theo Watson (ofTheo)
  • stephanemagnenat - Working on ROS node which uses libfreenect, would like to push changes upstream. Our lab could help with calibration.
  • Drew Fisher (zarvox) - Working on camera protocol reverse engineering & documentation
  • Kyle Machulis (qDot)
  • zephod - Working on audio protocol and Win32 C++

This project has several sub-efforts.


Porting the libfreenect C code to work on Windows.


Active participants:

  • Kyle Machulis (qDot)


C# wrapper and API


Active participants:

  • Aditya Gaddam (LostInCake) - Help with C# wrapper if and when Josh needs it. Or just testing if not.


Java wrapper and API


  • Scott Byrns (scottb)

Active participants:


Python wrapper and API

There are several people working on python. Please find each other on IRC and email and choose a coordinator. -JoshB


  •  ?

Active participants: