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Project lead

  • Josh Blake (JoshB), @joshblake on twitter, Blog



  • Seth Sandler (cerupcat) - @SethSandler on twitter


  • Hector Martin (marcan) - Wii, PS3 and iPhone hacking @marcan42 on twitter
  • Kyle Machulis (qDot) - a little bit of everything - @qDot on twitter - Code, Website
  • Josh Blake


  • Majority - C/C++/C# developer, hardware & embedded experience
  • ofTheo
  • stephanemagnenat - Working on ROS node which uses libfreenect, would like to push changes upstream. Our lab could help with calibration.
  • Scott Byrns - Working on a Java wrapper for the C library.
  • Arne Bernin - debian/ubuntu packaging
  • Aditya Gaddam (LostInCake) - Working on a C# wrapper for the C library. Also working on a pure C# library possibly (after wrapper is done). Code Website
  • zarvox - Working on camera protocol reverse engineering & documentation