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'''Welcome to the OpenKinect project'''
== About ==
OpenKinect is an open community of people interested in making use of the amazing Xbox Kinect hardware with our PCs and other devices. We are working on free, open source libraries that will enable the Kinect to be used with Windows, Linux, and Mac.
Some general information about how Kinect works can be found in [ this document].
Source code is available here:
Get started right away by [[Getting Started|installing]] the software to your platform.
== Communications ==
If you want to participate or just watch the progress of the OpenKinect effort, subscribe to the [ OpenKinect mailing list]. In the application form, please tell us something about yourself and you'll be approved automatically. You could also subscribe to a low-traffic [ announcement-only mailing list].
*You can follow us on ''Twitter'' [ @openkinect].Please use the #tag #openkinect when tweeting your work.
*You can meet people in your area working on OpenKinect through ''Meetup Groups'':
** [ NYC]
** [ QC-Colab Davenport, IA]
** [ San Francisco]
*You can also chat with people developing on OpenKinect software on ''IRC'': [irc:// #OpenKinect] on or using this web based [ chat]. Channel logs (daily rotation) can be found [ here].
== Project information ==
===== [[Roadmap|Project Roadmap]] =====
*The current roadmap for the project (libfreenect, OpenKinect Processing library, and Openkinect apps)...
===== [[Policies|Project Policies]] =====
*The official name of the project, license, contribution policy, coordination between developers, and decision making...
===== [[History|Project History]] =====
*A few key dates and milestones...
===== [[Contributing Code]] - How to contribute code =====
*Official repositories, use of a fork and Openkinect source header, signing off, submissions and evaluation...
===== [[Contributing]] - There many ways to contribute besides coding =====
*Testing, administrative tasks, support related tasks, documentation, collaboration etc.
===== [[Code Integration]] - How to deal with how we use git =====
*Repository policy, git usage, workflows, how to start development and keep up to date, and the integration process...
===== [[Getting Started|Installation]] - How to download, build and install OpenKinect =====
*Requirements and steps to install on Linux, OS X and Windows, user contributed guides...
===== [[People]] - Who is doing what =====
*Project leader, maintainers, and who is doing what in the OpenKinect project...
===== [[Gallery]] - Videos and links to things people are doing with OpenKinect =====
*Demos and solutions using OpenKinect...
===== [[FAQ]] =====
*Frequently asked questions...
===== [[Logo_Proposals|Logo Proposals]] =====
*Following a vote, finalists were chosen and the winner was selected on December 8th 2010...
===== [[Project_ideas|Project Ideas]] =====
*Ideas and concepts to explore using OpenKinect...
== API Documentation ==
* [[High Level]] - High-level API documentation
== Wrappers ==
* [[Python_Wrapper|Python]]
* [[C_Sync_Wrapper|C Synchronous]] - Provides functions to get data instead of callbacks
* [[Action_Script_3|Actionscript]]
* [[CSharp_Wrapper|C#]]
* [[Java_Wrapper|Java]]
* [[Javascript_Wrapper|Javascript]]
* [[Getting_Started_With_Common_Lisp|Common Lisp]] - Getting started with libfreenect on Common Lisp
== Utilities ==
* [[fakenect#Record|Record]] - Dumps Kinect data to PPM, PGM, and a bin dump for RGB, Depth, and Accel respectively.
* [[fakenect|Fakenect]] - libfreenect simulator/mock interface that lets you use the kinect demos without having a kinect (plays back data from [[fakenect#Record|Record]])
== Knowledge base ==
* [[Camera_DSP|NUI Camera DSP]] - Camera DSP, architecture, instruction set, firmware, and capabilities
* [[lsusb output]] - Device identifier output
* [[USB Devices]] - Overview of the hardware devices
* [[Protocol Documentation]] - General information about the Kinect USB procotol
* [[USB Protocol Information]] - Other information about the Kinect USB protocol
* [[Init Analysis]] - Messing with various init sequences
* [[Imaging Information]] - Information about the imaging data returned by the Kinect
* [[Research Material]] - Research material for software layer implementation
* [[Hardware_info]] - Hardware information
* [[Calibration]] - Gathering information for including calibration facilities
== Links ==
* - Open Natural Interaction, an industry-led, not-for-profit organization formed to certify and promote the compatibility and interoperability of Natural Interaction (NI) devices, applications and middleware.
* - Open source framework for natural interaction devices
* - Open source driver for the PrimeSensor Development Kit
''' Comment Threads '''
* - How the Kinect was hacked very detailed overview of what was involved
* - Adafruit's competition. Comment thread contains list of some of the people working on this.
* - Hackaday's coverage of the bounty. Again, interesting comment thread.
''' Tech '''
* - Hardware teardown. Chip info is here. (via adafruit)
* - Pinout info of the Kinect Sensor
* - Primesense reference implementation (via adafruit thread)
* - How sensors work and the bayer filter
* - Model for branching within Git
* - Suggestions to implement pseudocode near the end
* Which licenses are compatible with which
* - Another Hardware Teardown. Note this article incorrectly states that the PS1080 talks to the Marvell chip.
''' Kinect Themed sites '''
* OpenKinect news and discussion community
* - Kinect hacking blog and forum
* - Kinect hacking news
* - The innovation begins.
* - Kinect hacking news in German
* - Novedades, hacks y juegos de kinect en español.
''' Random '''
* Linux contribution procedure;a=blob;f=Documentation/SubmittingPatches
* Git project contribution procedure;a=blob_plain;f=Documentation/SubmittingPatches;hb=HEAD
''' Code Examples '''
* libfreenect and opencv 2.1

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