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Someone playing in front of a kinect with letters o and k.
Someone playing in front of a kinect with letters o and k.
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We are taking proposals for an OpenKinect community logo.


  • Entries must be you original work and not infringe on anyone's trademarks
  • Entries must be in PNG format. A scalable SVG version is highly recommended.
  • You may submit multiple proposals.
  • Each proposal may include more than image. At least one image must be have a width of 200 pixels and a height of between 100 and 150 pixels. Higher resolutions are encouraged.

The community is named OpenKinect (see Community Name Policy); however, using Microsoft's purple "Kinect" trademark [1] or a lookalike is highly discouraged, as it could cause trademark infringement issues. If you include the word "Kinect" in your logo, please keep it visually distinct from Microsoft's trademark.

Unless otherwise agreed, proposals will be open until 11/21/2010 at 5:00pm UTC, at which point Josh Blake we will have a vote on the mailing list.

Logo proposals

If you have created a logo you want to submit, add it below using the template shown.

 === Yourname's logo #1 ===
 Add an image to your logo here


Bo Monteque

Joe Lackner's concept

Here are a few ideas - trying to reflect openess, IR grid arrays and dual cameras.

Scott Byrns's concept

Mungewell's concept

SVG source available if adjustment is desired, for the font/etc.

Graham Wiebe's concept

SVG or other vector formats available upon request. optimized for greyscale. typography can easily be changed to avoid copyright.

Cyril's concept

Someone playing in front of a kinect with letters o and k.

Ken Moore's concept

High quality typography and layout (says "we're serious") with distinctive visual of the Kinect hardware.

Version 1 - stacked layout is more legible in narrow placements

Version 2 - horizontal layout has nice visual balance, but needs more width for legibility

Jonathan Hall's concept

Unfortunately, use of the "Kinect" name will likely be seen as trademark infringement. Microsoft registered "Kinect" as a word mark (meaning: a claim to use of the word itself, independent of how it appears) on goods and services related to "computer software, computer hardware, and computer peripherals." (See the USPTO registration dated 10/29/2009: )

Tedious as it may be, we should consider alternatives. I propose an obvious adjustment--"OpenKinetic"--but there may well be better options out there. Below is my concept rendering both "OpenKinect" and "OpenKinetic" with simple typography, horizontal two-color layout, and a bug:
Slightly updated:

Carlos Asmat's logo concept

Below you can find my concept of the OpenKinect Logo. Of course, the name could be changed in order to avoid copyright infringements as long as the second word still starts with a "K".

cclaan's concept #1

cclaan's concept #2

Boulabiar's concept


Draft "openKinect" concepts + influences: [ updated 21.11.10 ]

  • El Lissitzky., "Proun" project., elemental shapes -> building blocks.
  • Open community., intersecting with hardware / MSFT / camera frustum.
  • Font is 13pt Inconsolata re: programming efforts., season to flavour.

Anthony Bloor's concept

update to the image posted to the mailing list, i decided to go with the green rather than the black but its easily changed, its designed for on screen graphics rather than print, i decided to go for something that might look good for an app icon. its not an svg, but it can easily be rendered at any resolution.
it might be nice to have different colours based on platforms too etc, but i only realised the logo deadline was today, so it was a bit of a rush!

  • full size logo

  • wiki icon size

  • app icon that works better in a square format

Danilo Di Cuia's concept #1

(if you have seen my logos already please refresh your browser as I haven't change the names of the updated logos : ) )

Idea based on the Kinect sensors and its led:

Danilo Di Cuia's concept #2

The second idea is based on the 2 cameras point of views that forms the "K" of Kinect inside the "O" of open.

Here's an animation of the logo:

Jon Harsem's Concept

Everything is vector based. The kinect itself is not considered for the logo - but may form part of an icon set later. Mind you I take Jonathan Hall's point on the trademark issue. Perhaps OpenK will work ?

marcan's concept

Just an idea that floated around on IRC: Image:Ok-logo.png