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Kinect 2

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Kinect 4 Windows 2 comes with a breakout box which basically converts from a custom power supply plug with 12V and 5V & a standard USB3 B-style socket to the proprietary Kinect connector. Currently, it seems like the Kinect 4 Windows 2 itself is identical to the Kinect One from the Xbox, whose internals are already extensively covered at iFixit:

PCB top view with Kinect socket + debug connector PCB top view with Kinect socket + debug connector

PCB bottom view PCB bottom view

Kinect socket with pin numbers Kinect socket with pin numbers

Pinout & Kinect cable wire colors (as per

1: 5V (from PSU), red

2: D+ (USB2), green

3: D- (USB2), white

4: GND

5: 12V (from PSU), brown

6: GND

7: GND

8: Unknown (probably debug signal), white/black -- goes together with pin 1 (5v) providing differential signaling; Leave it not connected

9: StdA_SSRX+ (USB3), orange

10: StdA_SSRX- (USB3), purple

11: GND

12: StdA_SSTX+ (USB3), yellow

13: StdA_SSTX- (USB3), blue

All grounds/shielding are connected internally.

USB Device