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== Instructions for Windos ==
== Instructions for Windows ==
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These need to be added

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THE GUIDE FOR UTTER NEWBIES (like me) as of 11/29/2010

Instructions for OSX

If you want to get ofxKinect up and running as quickly as possible, you'll need the latest Xcode (3.2.5 right now) and either version 61 or 62 of openFrameworks. Here's how I got Theo's ofxKinect demo and Dan Shiffman's Processing demo running in 10 minutes after struggling with manual builds for hours:

Plug in the Kinect - you may have to unplug and replug, close Xcode and start again to get it going - flashing green means it's still waiting to connect.

Download Theo's ofx project here:

Drop the whole folder into the openFrameworks folder of_preRelease_v0061_osxSL_FAT in /apps/examples

---> Make sure you you have the LATEST Xcode, version 3.2.5 <--- This was my mistake, easy if you have it.

Go into Theo's folder (currently called ofTheo-ofxKinect-78ad750) and find ofxKinect.xcodeproj

Double-click on that, when it opens in Xcode hit build and run. It'll take a minute or so.

That's it. It's a start. Shiffman's Processing app now works (you'll need Processing 1.2.1), as does the TuioKinect app (but not the Xcode project, for some reason).

Good Luck! - Dave Pentecost (MacBook Pro, 10.6.4)

Instructions for Windows

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Instructions for Linux

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