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Demos - Page 2

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Demos - Page 3

Dongchul Kim (T9T9)

Integration in MRPT: Very simple visual SLAM

  • Part 1: Example code for how to grab Kinect observations, do multi-threading, convert range data to a 3D point cloud and render in real-time. More info here.
  • Part 2: Very simple demonstration of how to grab Kinect observations, perform visual feature tracking and build a 3D map (SLAM). More info here.

Kinect running a website

Martin Kaltenbrunner

  • TuioKinect tracks simple hand gestures using the Kinect controller and sends control data based on the TUIO protocol. This is a preliminary proof of concept implementation, which still needs several improvements to become fully usable. Nevertheless it should work out of the box with most TUIO client applications. You can download the source code and a mac binary from its page
  • The Therenect is a virtual Theremin, which defines two virtual antenna points that allow controlling the pitch and volume of a simple oscillator. The distance to these points can be controlled by freely moving the hand in three dimensions or by reshaping the hand, which allows gestures that should be quite similar to playing an actual Theremin.

Switch On The Code

  • Kinect getting started tutorial using libfreenect and the C# wrapper.
  • Demonstrates how to display the RBG data and depth data as a grayscale depth map.

RGBDemo: 3D Scene Reconstruction and people tracking/height estimation

  • Freehand scanning of a room using image-based relative pose estimation.

Software available at

GeckoSystems Mobile Robot

  • A GeckoSystems Carebot(tm) has been retrofitted with a pair of Kinects to improve data acquisition for it's autonomous navigation software GeckoNav.

3D Body Scan Using Multiple Kinects - Data and Interference Analysis


  • MikuMikuDance is a free dance simulator that uses takes its own file format for 3d human characters, and performs a dance with it by editing the position of "bones" inside the model, frame by frame
  • It is a companion program to a nonfree singing text-to-speech program called Vocaloid
  • The later versions can match the 3d animated character's position to Kinect motion data

Gestural Interaction for Training Simulations

  • We used the Microsoft Kinect to create a simple free-handed interface for navigating a 3D world and performing triage.
  • We also developed a walking system for physical exertion.
  • We actually use the OpenNI software with the driver package provided by avin and the Unity wrapper provided by tinkerer.