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GLib Wrapper

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GFreenect is a wrapper for the Freenect library written using Glib in order to control a Kinect device and make it easy to use with [htttp:// GNOME] technologies such as Clutter and GTK+. This essentially means that GFreenect integrates nicely with a GLib main loop, and provides a fully asynchronous API to prevent blocking operations from affecting the applications' main flow (it intends to provide also a synchronous API but it is still work in progress).

Having GObject Introspection, it means it can generate automatic bindings for languages like Python, Javascrip, Vala, etc.

Who is involved

This wrapper was sponsored by Igalia and written by Eduardo Lima Mitev and Joaquim Rocha (User:Jrocha).

Building and Installing

$ git clone git://
$ cd GFreenect
$ ./
$ make
# make install


Check out the documentation to get started with GFreenect.


A Python demo application is shipped with GFreenect. To run it, do the following inside the GFreenect folder:

$ cd examples
$ python ./

It should start a small GTK+ application that shows the basic usage of GFreenect from Python. You can find a screenshot of this application below:

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