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(Technical Documentation)
(Technical Documentation)
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==Technical Documentation==
==Technical Documentation==
*[[Getting Started]] -
*Getting Started -
*[[Init Analysis]] -
*Init Analysis -
*[[Wrappers]] -
*Wrappers -
*[[Protocol]] -
*Protocol -
*[[High Level API]] -
*High Level API -
==Documentation Tasks==
==Documentation Tasks==

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This page is intended to organize existing and new documentation as well as technical reference into a single page for the team to use.

  • Application Documentiaton - This section is used for capturing details about projects and their potentional application opportunities.
  • Technical Documentation - This section is used to capture technical reference.
  • Tasks - This section is used to capture tasks related to documenation. Please any documenation "tasks" here.

Application Documentation

  • Robotics / HMI (human machine interface)
  • Education

Technical Documentation

Documentation Tasks

  • Review site and identify any pages that should be made available on the documentation page (in progress JG)
  • Create wrapper page and move wrapper content on main page to new page. (registered user?)
  • Add "Documenation" tab across the top section. (registered user?)