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Camera DSP

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This page serves to document information about the NUI Camera DSP, its architecture, instruction set, firmware, and capabilities.

Getting firmware

As discussed on the mailinglist, the firmware package can be downloaded from Microsoft here. Rene Ladan has written a python script that unpacks Xbox360 files, linked here (BSD 2-clause license).

With these, you can extract the NuiCam.bin file from the archives and use segher's dis-nui (below) to start understanding the camera firmware.


Segher figured out the instruction set, and wrote a disassembler:

 < segher>
 < segher> have fun :-)
 < segher> the code in that NuiCam.bin starts at 2*0f14
 < segher> so cut it, and then run it through the disassembler
 < segher> it should start:
 < segher> 0000: 25d7   mov r5l,#d7
 < segher> 0001: 35a6   mov r5h,#a6
 < segher> 0002: bb05   mov pc,r5
 < segher> (which jumps to a6d7, this is the reset vector)