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* Calibration based on libfreenect and rgbdemo (Nicolas Burrus):
* [ Outsourcing Indonesia]
* [ Perlengkapan Bayi]
* [ Aksesoris Sparepart Motor]
* Calibration using planes as features (Daniel Herrera C.):
* [ Toko Bunga Online]
* [ About Xbox calibration]
* [ ROS' Technical description of Kinect calibration]
* [ ROS MailingList regarding calibration pattern]

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This page shall help to define a calibration procedure. Please add your knowledge.

Things to calibrate

  • nonlinear effects for both cameras:
    • radial distortion On Wikipedia
    • tangential distortion (sensor chip not parallel)
    • rotational errors (sensor rotated on image plane)
  • Intrinsics matrix for both: Video camera & Depth Camera
  • Extrinsics matrix for both: Video camera & Depth Camera
  • Registration of both cameras (Registration as meant in This Article, please add a nicer description, if you know one)
    • Rotational tolerances
    • ?

Questions to answer

  • Which parameters change much between different devices?
  • Which change minor (and can possibly be set constant)?
  • Are routines to calculate parameters needed, or could a seperate application be used (based on OpenCV, for example)