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CSharp Wrapper

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This effort will provide a wrapper to access the Kinect through C#.


Who is involved

Coordinator/Development: Aditya Gaddam (User:LostInCake)

Current Status

Feature Supported? Notes
Connect to Kinect (heh) Yes
Control LED Yes 0x04 and 0x05 for the LED status seem to do the same thing - Blink Green. Seems to be something on the native lib side though.
Control motor No
Get accelerometer data No
RGB data callback No
Depth data callback No

Demos / Videos

Some demo links / videos / images will go here


  1. Step one
  2. Step two
  3. Step three

Sample Code

using LibFreenect;


// Getting device count
Console.WriteLine("Number of devices = " + Kinect.DeviceCount);

if(Kinect.DeviceCount > 0)
    // Connecting to a device
    Kinect k = new Kinect(0);

    // Setting LED color
    k.LED.Color = KinectLED.ColorOption.Yellow;

    // Closing connection

// Shutdown library and close any open devices
// Should probably do this at the end of every program.