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Action Script 3

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"Action Script 3 API, Documents and Stuff"


Action Script 3 communication with libfreenect driver has to be done through a socket.

For that purpose as3-server was created in the examples (thanks to Mathieu Virbel for the code base) folder of libfreenect.

Currently it supports both cameras transmission, motor control and accelerometer info.

Who is involved

Search for action script 3 in People

However (Imekinox) is trying to organize things for AS3


There is not a very clear path here right now, but some things that may be needed are:

  • Make the as3-sever a generic freenect-server that may enable communication with other high-level languages.
  • Image quality fixes (perhaps different bayer to RGB algorithm will be needed here)
  • Server transfer compression (for images so we can target lower bandwidth scenarios)
  • Document the API of the server
  • Document the API of the flash client
  • At least some multitouch info sent from the server to the client would be nice
  • Skeleton sent form server to client (maybe this will be a module of freenect in the future see: Project Roadmap)

Server API

So far:

  • Port 6001 is for Depth stream
  • Port 6002 is for RGB stream
  • Port 6003 for bidirectional data (commands, info, etc...)

Client API

API will be documented here