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Action Script 3

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"Action Script 3 API, Documents and Stuff"


Action Script 3 communication with libfreenect driver has to be done through a socket.

For that purpose as3-server was created in the examples folder of libfreenect.

Currently it supports both cameras transmission, motor control and accelerometer info.


There is not a very clear path here right now, but some things that may be needed are:

  • Make the as3-sever a generic freenect-server that may enable communication with other high-level languages.
  • Image quality fixes (perhaps different bayer to RGB algorithm will be needed here)
  • Server transfer compression (for images so we can target lower bandwidth scenarios)
  • Document the API of the server
  • Document the API of the flash client
  • At least some multitouch info sent from the server to the client would be nice
  • Skeleton sent form server to client (maybe this will be a module of freenect in the future see: Project Roadmap)

Server API

So far:

  • Port 6001 is for Depth stream
  • Port 6002 is for RGB stream
  • Port 6003 for bidirectional data (commands, info, etc...)

Client API

API will be documented here

Who is working on this:

Search for action script 3 in People

However (Imekinox) is trying to organize things for AS3