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1) I'm not sure if this is the right place to "post", but I'm wondering how you can use the lib-freenect library to stream from two Kinects at once. I tried running glview.exe with a parameter (glview.exe 1 or 2 ...) but it's saying the device cannot be opened.

Any advice would be appreciated!

Thanks, Paul

2) I think it would be very helpful to us code noobs to have videos showing step by step process of how to get Kinect working on our computers.

Allecyte: What kind of computer? There are completely different step-by-step procedures for both, as I have learned the hard way. However, surprisingly enough, I found it to be a lot easier on the Mac, as everything could have been done using nothing but Terminal commands. But nevertheless, I did have to do a lot of hunting for the right instructions. Errors arose, and had to have been dealt with accordingly. Oh, and word of advice. If you're using a Windows virtual machine, beware, as the graphics inlet might not be able to collaborate with the Kinect display. That's why I had to switch to doing it for the Mac.

3) Hey guys, how can i post my homepage on the main site? I have a virtual reality news portal und actualy i make a new category that handle every news and theme about kinect hacks. It´s german portal and you can find it here Live4D VR & S3D News Portal and here XBox 360 Kinect Sensor Hacks